Asthma, Parenting, and Living Fearfree

I was not about to become a victim. I was not about to allow my son to become a victim. I didn’t want him to look out over his life and think that he was limited because he had a diagnosis of asthma.

harriet tubman, a fearfree living trailblazer

if the only thing harriet tubman had ever done was walk to freedom and then later return to rescue her family members, she would have earned her place in history as a woman of courage.

why fearfree living?

…20 years ago on a mountain ridge, i made the decision that i would not live my life full of fear.

s.a.d. follows valentine’s (even the calendar is sarcastic)

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twilight-isms have yielded a world where love hurts and behind every corner there is a would be billionaire vampire waiting to sweep you off your feet and carry you into his dungeon of kink-dom making your every wish come true so fire up pinterest and get your wedding dress on…

auto repair and the single mom

i was minding my own business going about the errands and excitement of a regular saturday full of karate classes and community service when suddenly my steering wheel started to creak and my wheels started to moan. i immediately thought to myself, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ but the more i drove the more…