fallen star

picking up strays
pastime reserved for canines
a loyalty offered but
not returned

too far gone

an incomplete seduces and
plays on already overly stretched emotions. 

promenade in silhouette

what would i do without these shadows to guide me, walk with me, talk with me, hold me in place? i have no idea but imagine it would be a space without grace.

for my daddy who got me here

he never wanted to be 
a hero. he told me i’m 
more luke cage than you know
unbreakable but broken
all the same.

In This Here AFTER

Today I stood in the full body mirror attached to my closet. I stared at my belly and my hips for full minutes in disbelief before huffing out a joke at my own expense to no one, Girl. You need to get it together. You looking like one of them ‘Before‘ pictures on Instagram! I…


when i am an old lady i will walk the streets in layers of gold yell sweet nothings into the wind mime for catholicism and speak secrets to children while ladling double fudge brownies into pie tins for parties i haven’t been invited to when i am an old lady i will stare out at passersby and…

gravitational collapse or a star is born

reluctantly schooled in the art of fragile male care she is undone by the smallness of a life given over to dishes laundry and the incessant lego shuffle with infantile steps she unclothes the first layer of subjugation not yet naked she begins to see a glimmer of who she might have been had she…