too far gone

broken men and broken women
make broken babies who become
broken men and broken women.

victim shaming, mama blaming
mothers need to watch who watching their kids.
but the assholes who prey on single mothers

find respite in dens set up to protect them?
phuck we look like talking smack about mother’s
whose babies have been attacked?

i have zero time for shit like that and
give zero phucks for any asshole who
uses a mother to attack her kid.

predators. monsters. vultures. demons.
soulless shoe scum. humanity’s leftovers.
mama’s out here making the most out of

the little she’s got. an incomplete seduces and
plays on already overly stretched emotions.
masks so firmly set in place it only slips right

before they attack and then it’s too late.
don’t for one second think she didn’t vet
that motha phucka. that’s just a narrative

sold and perpetuated so that we would
once again be okay with the
victimization of another child.

i’m not okay.
and this is why
i go too far.

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  1. heyannis says:

    Besides the excellent point you’re making, I love the fierceness of the emotion that comes through in this poem. Thank you, Wanda. xoA

    1. Thank you for the read. I especially appreciate the commentary. It helps me focus my voice.

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