promenade in silhouette

they walk with me dogging my steps and

holding me up. these shadows once forms i called

granma and daddy. in the midst of my worrying they

catch tears before they fall. chiding me and reminding

prayers are answered whispers so why quake, just wait.

worrying is a no thing that raises my pressure and

aches my brain. every known thing does not require

that i know it. they talk with me guiding me through each

turn. i question everything and now they have every answer. it

makes me wonder is it only in death that i will learn? is it

magic you’re conjuring mama? a question my son once asked

standing on top of the couch cushions watching me wring my hands.

i guess. the answer is yes. i call out their names but before i can ennuciate

the first syllable his presence is felt. to be faster than thought

is magical or miracle or love…they ride in with songs that soothe my

mind when the bill payments get too high or tell me a joke to disarm

angry that normally would lead to another bad choice. what would i do without

these shadows to guide me, walk with me, talk with me, hold me in place?

i have no idea but imagine it would be a space without grace.


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  1. heyannis says:

    Beautiful, Wanda. A favorite line: “prayers are answered whispers so why quake, just wait.” They are always with us. Thank you. xoA

    1. They are and that’s what’s so good.

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