gravitational collapse or a star is born

reluctantly schooled in the art of
fragile male care she is undone by

the smallness of a life given over to
dishes laundry and the incessant lego shuffle

with infantile steps she unclothes the first
layer of subjugation not yet naked she begins to

see a glimmer of who she might have been
had she not internalized the lesson of less

in this step she speaks without being
spoken to and is surprised by the sharpness of

her voice never used in the service of
she who speaks but always in defense of those

with voices but no gumption to talk the
second coat drops to the floor ceremoniously

removed by bridled ambition daring
now to dream she takes another step

unconcerned if it is forward back or beside
she recognizes only movement

acknowledging it as self earned a third film
dissolves limbs suddenly are free so

she dances
there is no music but her body less

burdened moves with a rhythm

away goes the fourth blanket turned
on by this newly syncopated rhythm

she sings
it is an old song full of moon talk

and the drift of flowers at dawn
it is a new day

finally naked she is birthed
and decides

i may as well eat
at the table i have set

and so
she dines

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anke says:

    I love this one, especially the last three stanzas.

    1. thank you for reading!

  2. Full of stunning (and clear) images, Wanda. I especially like ” not yet naked she begins to
    see a glimmer of who she might have been
    had she not internalized the lesson of less” xoA

    1. thank you for reading. i really appreciate the follow. i’m trying this month to follow through for the entire challenge.

  3. I love the ending too!
    Visiting from the October poetry challenge. I just joined, so I’m catching up!
    Deployed to the void

    1. good luck. it’s great fun. these challenges can be daunting so remember its just you and the page.

    2. Thank you for reading!

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