winterborn (in memory of vernell d. williams)

i am a woman

born in winter

when all goes pale

and dormant

i come alive

with new ideas

invigorated i pack

for unchartered territories

within and at times

without map or guide

wondering where can

i go who can

i be and where will

i land if i just

jump from this place

of compliant dormancy

i am a woman

born in winter

even though this is the time

most hibernate i find

the quiet liberating and

in it i glide ice skates

tied up neatly i willingly

leave behind my past woes

and useless foes

i am woman

born in winter

making her way in

a world gone cold

i expect so little

in my effort to

accomplish so much

believing that

by the time the

world arises

it won’t recognize


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