What Being a Black Man in the 21st Century Means to My Son, Langston

My son completed his Rites of Passage process on July 21, 2020 on his 13th birthday. During his process he was to learn and internalize the principles of Kwanzaa, a cultural tradition we celebrate and observe as a family. He met with members of his community to discuss and learn how they apply the principles…

detroit church girl

detroit church girl, she made this world bow she is my mama my auntie Mizz Hattie down the street she worked her ass off and when you needed her she stopped and picked you up detroit church girl we renamed Queen she gave us ourselves in big lights and ball gowns told us to stop…

john 1:1

… she who¬†gave me the words that¬†crafted this story…

how do you bury god?

She created me. You see.
She created me. Writing me on paper between cardboard covers. She made me real.

eBook Coming Soon

In celebration of our first 100 likes for @livingfearfree on Facebook, we will soon offer our very first eBook: Hindsight Happiness. This short story and it’s accompanying poem were originally published on http://www.fearfree-living.com. Now it will be available for Kindle through http://www.amazon.com. Special offer will be available for our Facebook community.

why fearfree living?

…20 years ago on a mountain ridge, i made the decision that i would not live my life full of fear.

a memory: untitled

are you sisters dancers, an innocent enough inquiry and had we the decency of dancers we may have left him his dignity in response indecency, however, is the occupation of poets so we in synchronized sonnet pounced dripping iambic pentameter across his abdomen like a procession of candle wax our minds weapons of mass destruction…