fiscal cliff (i say if they feeling froggy, jump!)

most of america

lives on the edge of reason

standing in the gaps of

chicken nuggets fried dreams

and houses we can’t heat

congress jives us about deficits

like we don’t know what its like

to make hard choices and

still live right

we all got our problems and

have long since given up the

fantasy that anyone else can

solve them or are even interested

in making our great american woes

diminish who are we anyway to complain

with all our first world problems

like car cup holders not being big enough

for a big gulp with no notice being given

the number women murdered and children

assaulted we close our eyes to the denial

of vawa passage while auto-recording the

noise of honey boo boo and her mama

searching for pageant dresses

america, you are beautiful

that i will not deny but let’s face it

80 women in the house and

20 seated in the senate

is not democratic

its complacence

distracted with fiscal cliff

jargon we send silent prayers

hoping for better days while

shipping our children to school yards

we make believe are

safe enough to play

living on the wrong side

of a fiscal cliff is just lifestyle

to many not knowing where

your next meal is coming from

or whether you will have a roof

over your head tomorrow isn’t

fantasy or something people say

to scare their children straight

its a reality many farmers face

daily and people in the wake of

sandy both hurricane and hook

wonder out loud does congress

even know what it means

to come to the edge



threats are for punks


americans as cush as

some may think we live

know what it really means

to go over the edge



we know how to fall



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