seriously, i’m going to run a contest to name this novel (if only i could get more than one person to enter)

so my word of the week has been pushed to wayside. so that i could take a journey of 50,000 words. on day 10 of this 30 day exercise in futility i have written 12,681 words. i don’t really know what this novel is about and even though it looks like i’ve named it ‘you need jesus…i’m just saying’ i don’t think that title fits with the…let’s call them words…that are spilling forth from my finger tips. at any rate here’s a sampling of what showed up today.

“I feel like I’ve made quite an impact on city policy. I’ve written more than a dozen operational policies myself for Council. I’ve overseen budget meetings, negotiated major contracts and chaired a host of committees including the Empowerment Zone. My experience at City Council has been invaluable-“

“But unsung,” Mr. Crisp interrupted. He sliced his steak but his attention was completely focused on Roxie. “Ms. Carlsen you are well known both within and outside of city hall. Everyone knows that you are the brains behind anything that actually happens in that building. Nothing moves unless it gets a pass by your desk and has your stamp of approval on it. You are a force and I don’t believe you’ve reached your 3rd decade yet.”

Roxie wasn’t surprise that Mr. Crisp had done so much research on her and her career. He was known for being thorough. “They told me you don’t go to bed with anyone without knowing how many scars they have on their knees and where they got them.”

Mr. Crisp laughed a bold belly laugh. “They told you the truth both in business and in pleasure,” He guffawed. Roxie chuckled deciding to be bold, ”So are you planning to get into bed with me, Mr. Crisp?” She knew that this lunch was not about his business with City Council and wanted to get to the heart of it.

“Well, Ms. Carlsen and I told you to call me David-“

“But you haven’t called me Roxanna.”

“I was told you only go by Anna and people have to invited to call you that,” Mr. Crisp was indeed thorough in his research.

“Please call me Anna, David,” Roxie invited.

“Thank you. I feel honored,” David reached across and patted Roxie’s hand. “Given my penchant for men, I am not proposing an amorous attachment. But I would most definitely like you on my team.”

Roxie was surprised. She had no idea she was coming to an job interview. “You want to give me a job?”

“Not any job, Anna. I want you to start a company with me.”

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