10,703 words written (its too early for a title)

its been quite a journey these last 9 days. i’m still committed to finish thought i’m about 5,000 words behind the target. here’s an exert from today’s writing:

“I agreed to no pills under duress,” she called to him from the bathroom.

“Duress or no, it is a verbal contract that you are bound to.” She heard him walking to back to the bathroom. When he showed up in the doorway naked, she was taken aback. Again using sex to disarm her, Roxie decided then and there she was not going to be swayed by the creamy softness of his skin. She didn’t care that he was 6’2” built and hung like a pony. She wasn’t not going to pay attention to those big hands. She was not going to look at his body. Roxie focused on Alec’s eyes, cursing to herself because his eyes were more dangerous than his body.

“Damn you and those green eyes,” She muttered.

Stooping down so that they were face to face, Alec smiled his full tooth gotcha grin, “What’s that darling?” He batted his eyelashes at her. “I can’t hear you for the wind.”

“Duress. You can’t manipulate your wife into an agreement using sex and emotion as your pawns.”

“Logic ain’t my tool baby,” Alec raised her chin. Roxie decided then she was not going to let him kiss her. This conversation was going to be had sober. Completely sober.

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