only 42, 647 words to go

i still have no idea what this novel is about…but here’s an exert from today’s writing (warning it has nothing to do with today’s election):

Alec’s green eyes met Roxie’s nearly black ones. The look on his face was one of longing and tenderness. Roxie realized this was not a game for him. He was not giving closing argument at a trial. He didn’t have expert witnesses or charts and diagrams about why making a baby was actually the best option. He looked like a man in love and she was beginning to feel like a fool.

“We are talking,” he said and went to remove her other shoe. His large hands engulfed her small feet. Her feet were always cold even in summer she sometimes had to put on socks as much as she hated how they bunched in her shoes. It was the only way to keep her feet warm and her mind on whatever issue there was at hand. In his hands, her feet warmed and her mind relaxed. With him was the sweetest calm Roxie had ever known. Her mind didn’t race when Alec was around. She could think clearly and rest in one idea versus the constant stream of thought that seemed to bombard her every moment of the day. Alec was her balm, no matter how passionate and out of sorts she became his hand on her back or her foot resting in his palm was enough to ease her mind and settle the ache between her shoulders.

Roxie exhaled, “Tell me what you want?” She whispered.

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