day 5 of nanowrimo and i’m 3,023 words behind

well, the madness has started. and i have unreasonably driven myself a little bit loco about the writing process. i started my novel on november 1st and promptly discarded it as trash november 2nd. which meant that on november 3rd i had all of 773 words written of something i kind of sort of liked. ugh. at any rate join me in the madness, here’s an exert

His reasoning wasn’t logical. Roxie believed in logic. It was her religion. But she loved him enough to want to share with him his mission. She wanted to be a part of a family where parents worked together to make the world a better place. She believed in Alec’s ideals. She believed in Alec.

Roxie stopped dancing and turned Coltrane off. It was time for her to talk to her husband. It was time for her to listen to what he had to say. It was time for her to set aside her arguments and actually receive. She didn’t know how she was going to do it. She didn’t know how she was going to listen to him without hearing and delivering a counterpoint. But somehow she knew that if she didn’t, if she couldn’t make this think work and find a middle ground for her and Alec…she might as well stamp an expiration date on their marriage. This baby thing was a deal breaker. They were either going to find a way to make making a family work for them or they were headed to a certain end.

Roxie took the last sip of her wine and headed upstairs to talk to her husband.

and now i return…nanowrimo.

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