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Autumn's First Day
Autumn‘s First Day

while walking this morning i came upon this small tree. it stands out in the park among all the greenery both because of it’s color and it’s youth. the other trees surrounding it have stood for generations now. in my mind i think the other trees find its impatience to change and show off its fiery red foliage both amusing and exasperating. i consider this tree, its position in the park, its leaves, its youth and the focus of this season’s blog was born.

autumn for me represents the transition from activity to dormancy. over the next 13 sundays i will examine this movement in the earth and how we mimic it in our growth and development as individuals, family groups, members of community and world citizens. a core belief of mine explains my fascination with seasons – we are all citizens of the earth and as a result intimately connected to it. our growth and development simulate the rhythm of the earth’s seasons. seasons are a common language among us. we all get that the earth moves in cycles from activity to dormancy and that we move with it both figuratively and literally.

my goal is to focus my writing using images and references specific to fall and the transition of the earth and its citizens from activity to dormancy. this season i want to expand my personal lexicon for the fall experience and grow in my development as a writer. so many thoughts come to mind when i consider this transition. but each week i will focus on just one and use that concept in writing poetry, short story and personal essay.

this week’s focus, thank you baby tree, is reverence.

please join me this week as i uncover what reverence is to me and how it shows up in the world around me.

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  1. rdrevilo says:

    my B-Day, being yesterday…was a quiet reflection…about what I used to do…but more importantly…WHY I don’t do what I used to do anymore…peace

    1. Wanda Olugbala says:

      taking time to reflect is a wonderful exercise for a birth-versary. happy belated to you.

      1. rdrevilo says:

        thank you…keep your spirit flowing through your pen…peace

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