gratitude i

there is joy in his giggle

unmitigated happiness in his

uncanny ability to transform

an ordinary couch cushion to

juggle gym to

slide to



‘mommy’ takes on a new edge when

shrieked from a crib

is this the love that

‘knows no bounds’

don’t know only the texture of his oatmeal

is important enough to require

entire days of focused contemplation


is he spoiled ruined for all others

his singularity making him

ruler in his own universe of all

too willing giants

perhaps but today that

is not at issue instead i wonder


how do i help him harness

this streak of independence that

compels him in early hours of

evening to toddle from the

security of mommy into

a world untapped

to walk dogs

or say hi to the beauty

that is angel

just two doors down


someone tell me the

best means to vacuum seal

the joy

the urge to learn



without harm to self

or others

leaving his sense of


in tact


is now really the time

to indoctrinate him into the

woes of

life as

male as

black as



‘black man running’

a news reel in my life

but to a tot

running is freedom


right now in the

center of it

like a donut oozing

with goopy jelly

his laughs spills over

repainting my days and nights

with hope anew


my pioneer/explorer

he shows me

life in dandelions

he shows me

love in mud slides

he shows me

me in his eyes





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