i wanna dance like the blues

I wanna dance like the blues

Slo and determined

Stumping the funk out

Like what’s past us over

And tomorrow a prospect so distant it ain’t worth my time


I wanna dance like the blues

Fill myself up with longing

So intense it comes out in groans

Gyrating till dawn

I groove

I move

Leaving every care bare


I wanna dance like the blues

Hair swinging

Hips swaying

Sweat pasting my shirt

To my back

Places stank with it

Tongue rolling past lips

Tantalizing my own self


I wanna dance like the blues

Moving every fiber of my being

To a rhythm stuck in one two timing

I don’t care if every song may sound the same

I wanna move replacing the inane with the sane

Shaking my shimmy as I ease across the floor


I wanna dance like the blues

Finger poppin between breath breaks

Bites of chicken fresh out the grease

And the tickle of ice cold beer quenching my thirst

I wanna dance

Wanna dance

Like the blues

Com on johnny walker do that thing

Somebody toss on Ruth

Have mercy it’s the original groove










2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    You move so stunningly through the smoky light. Thanks for letting loose across the floor.

    1. wanda says:

      i once had the unique pleasure to perform this piece with a blues band. now that was some grooving!

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