grief is a gift or a sucker punch to the throat (either way)

grief is a gift. there are hours, days, weeks, months when you mistakenly imagine you’ve moved on. that your sadness is dissolved. your loss resolved. your grief complete. and then from nowhere you’ll read a seemingly innocent post from a friend on facebook and it transports you right back in time to another space where your loss is more real, more tangible, than it was only a moment before. the days those moments don’t feel like sucker punches to the throat are the best days.

gratitude i

there is joy in his giggle unmitigated happiness in his uncanny ability to transform an ordinary couch cushion to juggle gym to slide to trampoline   ‘mommy’ takes on a new edge when shrieked from a crib is this the love that ‘knows no bounds’ don’t know only the texture of his oatmeal is important…