Life Stand Still Here, Mrs. Ramsay said. (Virginia Woolf has always been a friend of mind.)


muffles and mutes

many things…

the brilliance of diamonds

the surprise of a first kiss

when held to the test all

dim and fade

u hold on to

the shadows of memories

laughter drifting on waves

whispered passions

a hand held too tight


such things diminish

the thought of them

slip through finger tips

as deftly as sand

trickles through an hourglass

dedicated u document




glimmering shots

of life standing still

harvested by hands

crafting puzzles to

put together a life

in vain we grind

time not our ally

as those moments

de materialize

our minds locked

in moments less

brilliant less

fantastic less

joyous the mundane

is remembered most

the minutiae of

tasks is what last

grandiose gestures

trickery the mind sorts

through in time

we miss not the romance

but the very invitation



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