eBook Coming Soon

In celebration of our first 100 likes for @livingfearfree on Facebook, we will soon offer our very first eBook: Hindsight Happiness. This short story and it’s accompanying poem were originally published on http://www.fearfree-living.com. Now it will be available for Kindle through http://www.amazon.com. Special offer will be available for our Facebook community.

Langston’s Church

Langston’s church has palm tress in the court yard rock is the standard praise theme and there are cup holders for coffee in each of the seats His playmates are the sons and daughters of factory workers university professors and the unemployed he likes that Ethan has blond hair and Isabella’s eyes slant heavenward he…

dare to bear witness

we live in such isolated bubbles. most of what we do is self motivated. even the most altruistic among us are driven by self preservation – working for change so that they or offspring might benefit from the change that occurs. the definition of community is so different. most of us in western society don’t…

going on walkabout? here’s the least you should know

long before i was a harp & vocal girl (yes, i was a harp and vocal girl) and my teacher christened me walkabout, i had a reputation for wandering both in the literal and figurative sense. at my littlest, my meandering would lead to places as unique as my grandmother’s cupboard or as ordinary as…

My iLife: A Reflection on Missed Connection

I use to have a life but then I got an iPhone and Facebook account and my life became virtual. I’ve stopped talking on the phone practically altogether although in truth I was never really a telephone chatterer. It’s just easier to text or send an email and inboxing someone is damn near instant message….