you don’t have to be black to be outraged

you will stop killing us
there is nothing new nothing nor novel about the
destruction of the black body strange fruit hung from
poplar trees decomposing in 103 degrees now left to
rot on local streets these bodies you don’t see these
children that bleed

you will stop killing us
we have destroyed our minds in an effort to protect
this black body folded ourselves into ourselves and
beat out any idea of value breeding instead the
‘good negro’ with bowed head and extended helping
hand who speaks when spoken to token in board rooms and
broom closets alike

you will stop killing us
marching past congress with petitions in hands we have
walked these steps one thousand times allies at our sides
promises whispered in back room deals requiring more
black body sacrifices for contracts penciled in

you will stop killing us
our children lay in streets now using their bodies as human
barriers to draw attention to the injustice they shout in cameras
these jubilee children stare out into the city hills with the same
vacancies my father’s father’s used when spitting on
sharecroppers’ land

you will stop killing us
revolutionaries pin 10 point plans breakfast in hand
demanding human dignities written out in 13, 14, 15 script
because they are mine. because they are mine.

you will stop killing us.
this is not a hashtag. this is not a question. this is not a new
petition. it is not a marching chant. it is the new reality. there
is no going back from here where the bottom line is
you will stop killing us.

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