it was more than a dream (i testify it was)

Babies 4 Barack

in a world where

president barack obama

were literally among

his first words

he lies unaware of the prices

that were paid

he knows not

the emmitts

that came before him

and i like it that way

he believes that its

all within reach and completely

doable who wants to be president

when you can have ultimate ninja powers

and keep the galaxy safe from nighlocs

and other monsters moving

even though he asked me a million times

where is trayvon and does his mother cry

he doesn’t know that outside these walls

there is a world where he is not prince

i teach him our history

eyes bright he absorbs words like

inauguration and commemoration using

them like magic incantations he summons

his own powers and builds his own dreams

in them he is golden and white

fearless master and commander

and because i know

the miles that were walked and the

soles that bleed to bring us a

king and then a president

because i know

what it means to earn

1 dollar for your labor and

the price that came with such

a meager endeavor

because i know

i too dream of places

where little black boys

grow into great black men

maintaining dignity and strength

confidence of king running through

his veins and the knowledge that

truly he can be



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  1. Wow! This is a beautiful poem! Wow, just wow!

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