choosing again

i remember the trip to Cleveland
the cold night and frozen lake
i remember sitting on a velour
chaise starring out frosted windows
and wondering if there were cash
enough for a last minute gift
i remember being tickled to get
arms length from a supreme dress
and lip syncing to Aretha and Aerosmith
i remember frozen fingers and
screaming bengals with hoots
sounding from the dog pound
i remember that spot with that sweater
and the discovery that blue does in fact
look good on you
i remember smiling over frosted mugs
and hand holding that warmed my toes
i remember and decide
why not again

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Except for a few touchdowns and takeoffs from the airport, it’s been thirty years since I set foot in Cleveland.
    Yes, I, too, knew love there.

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