Fearfree Living, an Introduction

In our everyday life there is fear. Fear has been grounded into the very fabric of who we are, how we live, how we love. So each decision we make is an effort to protect to keep safe those things that are important – family, self, beliefs, and status.

What if there was a way to live that pulled fear out of the equation? What if we could truly replace fear that seems so innate so deeply a part of who we are as humans? What if we could replace that fear with a force far more powerful? A force so grand it is responsible for the creation of our cosmos. What if that force were Love?

I’ll tell you the Truth I am afraid; afraid of failing, of losing my job, of messing up my kid. I’m afraid of not having enough money or too much. I’m afraid of making a wrong decision and I’m afraid of the action it takes to make a decision right.

BUT (and this is the point) I believe that LOVE, which is GOD, is greater than any fear I could ever fathom. I believe that LOVE is power. That in LOVE we harness the essence of creation. And by it review our selves, our hearts, and our minds. LOVE castes out fear and gives us the strength to begin again.

In LOVE there is joy. There is peace. There is gratitude. There is the ability to conquer every fear, every doubt, every debilitating belief about size, skill, worth, ability.

In LOVE we can stand and be who we really are without apology and live in abundance. In LOVE there is more than enough for everyone. There is no hierarchy LOVE will teach you forgiveness. LOVE will instill in you the courage to make a change LOVE will manifest through you prosperity. And LOVE will see to it that any obstacle that appears to stand between you and it, is systematically removed. All you have to do is be willing. LOVE will do the rest.

I know that the idea of letting fear go is in itself a fearful choice. We are so use to fear it is so familiar to us that letting it go is met with resistance.

But I’ve always done it this way.

But my grandmother taught me that.

But what will I have if I don’t have this.

But this is too different this is too strange.

We put ourselves in corners and rationalize in our minds the safety in staying exactly as we are where we are. Fearfree Living is for everyone to obtain if only you are willing to believe there might be another way.

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