i have decided to go on

this blog has been such a wonderful exercise for me. when i began i had no idea that the world of blogging was in fact a world. i count myself among the fortunate to have discovered and been embraced by bloggers the world over. this week i have been sitting with the idea of ending my post on 98dayjourney. in a moment of mommy exhaustion and overwhelm i figured it would be one less thing. i believe it was my intestines that lead the rebellion after my heart belly flopped into my stomach.

i have decided to continue.

i have also decided to give a focus for my writing over the next few months. i enjoyed the exploration of writing from solstice to equinox and i would like to write from equinox to solstice and perhaps back again. i am a lover of the seasons which is the real reason why i’ve never moved into a 2 or 3 season zone (although the dead heat of summer i could probably do without).

moving ahead my writing will journey through the literal and figurative seasons of my life. i want to explore what the seasons mean and have meant to me. fall being my favorite feels like the right time to take on such an endeavor. i will continue to write poetry and prose. but i venture to explore difference genres of each as the seasons progress. i’d like to try new things and actually direct my muse versus it dragging me around my nose hairs.

i may continue to write each day. the practice has given a form to my day that frankly i’ve lacked for years. it also gives me a little of me that i’d missed. so for myself i commit to continue to write each day. i also want to include photographs that represent what’s happening in the ever changing world around me. i appreciate nature photography and i’d like to use this forum to share images i’ve gleaned from nature. some have brought me peace while caused me to pause. i want to commit to take a photography at least once a week and post it.

so in a few days i will begin my journey through autumn. a season for harvest. a season for reaping. a season for leaving. my grandmother once told me that fall was a good time to die which turned out to be prophetic because she made her transition quietly one fall evening. so during this autumn i will explore transformation, metamorphosis, conversion…

let’s see what happens.

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  1. rdrevilo says:

    Good things will happen…uniquely good things…R.D.Revilo

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