squirrels in the sandbox (based on a true story)

screeching through the screen door
there are squirrels in the sandbox
i don’t know what to do

there are squirrels in the sandbox
don’t leave me out here alone
it might eat me or worst

give me fleas and bring its friends
to eat up all my toys
this is atrocious

squirrels should know better
than to invade someone else’s
sandbox where anybody can play

i mean how am i supposed to live
knowing that a squirrel’s been in
my sandbox all day pooping and

peeing and chewing my shovel
you’ll just have to get me
another sandbox and fill it with

oohh cool stuff like trucks
but none of those fisheys and stuff
i want a monster with green eyes and

a blue nose that runs purple slime
yea it’d’ll protect my stuff and
than i won’t have to get that

alarm on my sandbox to scare
the squirrels away so…
what do you say

i really need you to do something
fast and get rid of these squirrels
and bees there are a lot of bees back here

and you know how much i hate bees
they fly and sting you and then you
get cancer and can’t go to school

remember the time when i
boo  booed outside squirrels do that
and dogs too but i’m not an animal so

i think i really just want more toys
to play outside and an alarm
to scare the squirrels because

i really don’t want
squirrels in my sandbox

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