its the kind of day a hot shower can’t solve

the kind of day when even after everyone is settled

the house still feels loud

its the kind of day when your mind races at maximum speed

but your limbs seem to be locked in slow motion

its that day when staying in bed is really what you need but the

damn alarm was so insistent and your boss has this thing

about being on time so you dragged yourself

through it moment by moment till the quitting bell rings

only there are no quitting bells in white collar heaven so

your release is subject to change


it was the kind of day when a small glass

of chardonnay won’t last past 8 but

your whole parenting philosophy doesn’t have

a contingency plan for anything stronger least of all

another glass so you muddle through it and

some how even at the end of the day

that was that kind of day you know

the day when 2 and 2 was subtracted and then

forgotten about so you had to re-add them together

only the second go round it was really 2 and 4 or

4 and 8 so you were really several steps behind what you

thought well even on that kind of day God lands a

little something wonderful in your hands reminding

you that even on this day

it’s all good and so because there really is

nothing more that you can do

you exhale and drop into your pillow.

A Village for Mommy
Mommy’s Castles by Langston

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