its complicated…til its not

in between the stanzas that is where you fit
fingers caress keys and i drift inside
the melodies that make up you and it is too much
baring the weight of this desire against
the despair that held me captive only yesterday
its so complicated wanting to want and
needing the need of this thing
growing inside of me to go
but there it is and i dance this tightrope dance
between the lines of fire and wind
it is a tornado you stir within
burnishing past dreams of dandelion stews and
whirling twirling little girl dresses
we walk a tightrope no net beneath
& back again
breaths get caught between the lines and
a sigh is the only relief you get
tender hearts bleed sorrow so many know
mistaking soft landings for sad spaces
it is not sadness that drives it is not yearning
an incomplete hollow you fill temporarily
& back again
my heart a flutter in the romance of
this dance that we do

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