when revolution is your only option

the end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.

there are no words

only deep longing silences

that cover us each in

sorrow and regret

in my mind images

twist and twirl leaving me

breathless of times that

never were but still

feel real in my hand i hold

photographs of purple

irises and wonder at their

delicacy the pain

palpable the air between

us thin and suffocating




full of resentment i eat

a wrathful breakfast

dreaming dreams full of

malicious intent i drown

in promises i have no

means of fulfilling

my integrity at question

i cannot breath

the bow broken

we hang on by

threads that bind

a world blown up

we stand among the shards

of times lost innocence

forgotten and left to fend

for itself emaciated

it judges us longing

to be reclaimed

we fail at us

islands individuated

a volcano between us

tectonic shift pending

it vibrates beneath our

feet unsteady on grounds


we did this landed

us in this barren wilderness

separate but not apart

we did this surreptitiously

nuclear warheads designed for

emotional annihilation dropped

from too short a distance scar and

maim both attacker and prey





Area of Refuge
For Revolutionaries in Need

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