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  1. I understand this all too well. This challenge has been, to say the least, challenging. 😉 Adding that to cruel schedules is a near-superhuman feat. Well done. I’ve enjoyed every poem you’ve posted this month. They’ve become a part of my morning ritual, these deliveries into my email inbox. Thank you for being so alive. I believe your writing exposes just a part of what must be there.

    1. Thank you for reading. I really appreciate the note. I have also enjoyed your work but haven’t figured out how to post comments.

      1. Thank you. Mousing over the right border of text will highlight some comment-box-looking shapes. If you click on these, a menu for posting and editing comments appears. In cases where comments have already been made, on the right border of text, the small text/conversation box-looking shapes are in white, and you can simply click on these to view them or respond to them.

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