three days late…but the half way point i have reached

i have now written 25,573 words in my novel. i think i may know what its about as well. my main character has undergone a name change as well as multiple physical altercations but she is focused on achieving her dreams. i like her. i can’t wait to see what happens next in her life and how she’s going to manage it. here’s an exert from today’s writing:

When he arrived in their bedroom he was panicked.

“What happened?” He asked. “Why are you yelling?”

Anna turned on him. Her face was contorted in a frown. She was hopping into her panty hose and had turned over an end table. She was livid. “Did you fucking forget to wake me up?!!!”

Alec was always taken aback when Anna swore at him. He knew his wife had a sailor’s mouth and in the beginning thought her profanity was cute. But every time she unleashed it on him it hurt his feelings.

Feeling guilty he picked up the table and went to help his wife balanced. She leered at him and hopped out of his reach.

Alec looked defeated, “You’ve been so tired lately I thought you could use the extra sleep.”

Anna successfully pulled on her stocking and grabbed her wrap dress. It was purple and accentuated her curves. Alec loved the dress and knew that Anna felt powerful in it. The fact that she had picked that dress to wear today signaled to him that she must have had a very important meeting. He knew not waking her up would be unforgivable.

“I flew in both teams from Cincinnati and St. Louis for a meeting first thing this morning. David is talking about expanding yet again. I don’t think we’re ready. I have more than a dozen client companies all in disarray and 5 follow up visitations that have to happen across the Midwest before Christmas, “ she hissed at him while rummaging through the closet to find her black suit jacket. Anna did love the purple dress but she was still very self conscious about her full breast and hips. She felt powerful in purple regardless of the rules about red. And she needed to have her confidence lead today if she was going to stir her team in the right direction. Lucas was still out and probably would not return to work till well after the new year. She didn’t know if she should hire someone or promote Stacy. She only knew that ARISE needed a second and with Lucas out on leave she was going to have to make a decision about his seat. Grabbing her knock off Jimmy Cho’s (courtesy of Stacy Ann), and her jacket a St. John’s her mother gave her when she became Chief of Staff at City Council. Anna turned to face her husband. Looking him in the face with his down caste eyes and pouty mouth, she almost went easy on him. Almost.

“You have no idea what is going in my life outside of this baby growing in my body!” She shouted. “You think that the only thing that matters is this baby! Don’t you?”

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  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    That’s it, leave us hanging! Here it is, early December, and we want to know: did you make the deadline, cross the finish line?
    As for this baby? Just look what you’ve started!

    1. Wanda Olugbala says:

      due to a series of unfortunate events i was not able to meet the november 30th deadline. however, i will return to blogging soon. thanks for checking in.

      1. Karin Wiberg says:

        I was wondering the same. I hope all is well!

      2. Wanda Olugbala says:

        everything is coming together. thank you. did you finish?

      3. Karin Wiberg says:

        I did–but just barely. 50,005 words at about 8pm on the last day! I didn’t know I could write so much in such a short amount of time!

      4. Wanda Olugbala says:

        That is awesome! Congratulations!

  2. christiana83 says:

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t make the deadline, but it was fun to read your excepts! I hope you do finish it someday.

    1. Wanda Olugbala says:

      thank you.

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