women hunt, men gather?

at what point did

a Random Man


a Good Woman


women selling themselves

so short they are willing

to accept crumbs

while claiming

to be worth diamonds


work a full time job

manage a household

singlehandedly with only a

spot here and there

raise a wo/man

these credentials

sudden liabilities


women now prove their worth

show him you are worth his time

demonstrate to him that

above others he should pick u


it was that damn grey’s anatomy scene

in the elevator a woman

belittles her value

stood and begged a man to pick her





what the hell


here’s the deal

that’s what’s been going down

for more than a generation

women hunt

men gather


HIV running at epidemic proportions

divorce a standard we no longer

find problematic


we wonder why we’re

so unhappy

why love is no more

filling than a snicker’s bar


maybe its time to

try a new way

to move in a different direction

to expect more

to be more

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