day 6

a dark night rises and

in aurora colorado it

is day six while we

sit in our living rooms living a

mother not yet in her 3rd decade

plans a funeral and a

six year old is lain to rest

heroes mere fables leave us

wondering about probabilities

nursing old familiar wounds in

our 1st world consciousness we

can’t quite make sense of it how a

suicide bomber doesn’t go boom but a

theatre packed with people in their

prime becomes a crime scene and

we are transfixed still on

day 6 there are fewer answers

now than questions a madman

disorientated sits alone once

his mother’s baby now a boogeyman

completely grown what have we lost

this week america what have we lost

12 lives and another box of innocence

while dozens more hang in balance

it is day 6 yet another little boy rises

to dance his little boy dance the

sun hot and high in her horizon glares

bravely face upturned eyes wide open

he giggles the sunlight tickles my eyes

in his laughter a glimmer

how we




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