how do you bury god?

She created me. You see.
She created me. Writing me on paper between cardboard covers. She made me real.

resurrection: a work in progress

i lost my shit but

pretended like i was holding it together while leading entire groups in
prayer circles and investigating the bottom of the rock we all found
ourselves looking up from.

grief, loss, and walking it out

A man who looked just like my grandfather walked into the bakery the other day. When I saw him my heart sank and I had a difficult time catching my breath. I wanted to run up to him, give him a hug, grab an apple streusel to share so that we could sit and chat….

showing up (a day late, a dollar short)

have you done this before? his question was innocent his eyes unyielding mask off this pain is all consuming. I mean are you familiar with what to do? have you done ‘this’ before? my head swims with 21 years worth of sorrows names no longer matching the right faces, circumstances now skewed. was it domestic…

day 6

a dark night rises and in¬†aurora colorado¬†it is day six while we sit in our living rooms living a mother not yet in her 3rd decade plans a funeral and a six year old is lain to rest heroes mere fables leave us wondering about probabilities nursing old familiar wounds in our 1st world consciousness…

Things that Cannot Be Undone

“I can’t do this.” He is driving the car. In the passenger seat, she turns and notices he has begun to cry. “What? What can’t you do?” Her hand is steady but her heart beats faster. “I just can’t do this…” he is shaking. “Pull over.” She looks out the window searching for a spot…

What Kubler Ross Didn’t Teach Me

I am finding it hard to breath. “He went to K-Mart for mousetraps,” she begins. There are 7 children clinging to her. “He’d just finished helping Walter with his science project and he told me he would be right back.” She speaks only slightly above a whisper. Ashen face, shellshocked eyes, she has not slept…