divorce, a work

there are sadnesses here

full bellied heavy they drag

the ground holding me in

places departed decades ago

unsheathed sorrow runs into

the very pores of things requiring

oxygen’s exhalation and i

find clogging where flowers

once bloomed with abandon

joys abound in laughing

sounds heard across thresholds

he is singing and a random beat plays

stick to stoop in perfected syncopation

with wind and road and car horns

blown we are trapped in this

separation an allusion that somehow

somewhere we have disjoined

one from the other

what happens when

the only voice

in your head is your own

chatter free memories banter

and vie for your devotion

deceived you try each on

misaligning feelings for places

and sights for sounds

it is a jumble in there

frustrated you shove corner pieces

dead center and search frantically for the



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