not since the extermination of the Jews by the nazis

i was folding laundry the day

rwanda invaded my living room

the smell of bleached white boxers

warm from the dryer

fills the air

on screen africans murdering

africans murdering africans

caught in a daze

my own fantasy land

playing house yet not grown

in the background he stood

laughing on the phone

rwanda i say

that’s nowhere the reply

in my living room

it is alive

weeping women scream

stills of men dead in graves

the size of football fields

one boy walks alone

his feet bloody with miles to go

children hold machine guns

dead babies clutched in arms

images my mind won’t let go

rwanda i say

don’t know the difference between

a Tutsi and a Hutu he shrugs

with a bottle/with a machete

with a machine gun/with a broom handle

by her son/by an army

there must be another word

for this for these/rape does not


1,000,00 dead

how many is 1,000,000 i ask

detroit 2 times he says

detroit 2 times is dead i inform

detroit 2 times is dead he repeats


the phone forgotten

laundry remains in baskets

i weep

rwanda invades

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  1. ~Lady Day says:

    you and I both ❤

  2. christiana83 says:

    It’s terrible. The genocides and wars going on in Africa shold be all over the front pages of every newspaper and people should be in shock and horror. And yet it seems to fall into some black hole, as if it weren’t real. Maybe it’s just too much for anyone to fathom? Maybe it’s because people don’t care about Africa? The lost continent… It’s horrifying and makes me cry too

    1. 98dayjourney says:

      There is so much we don’t know about the world around us. In the States we’re pretty isolated because we are so self-involved. It takes effort to actually seek out non-States news and information, but once you do the enlightenment you experience proves to be more than worth it. Thanks for reading.

    1. 98dayjourney says:

      Thank you for reading.

    2. 98dayjourney says:

      I appreciate you for reading it.

  3. Karin Wiberg says:

    Painful. Thank you for writing this.

    1. 98dayjourney says:

      It was a difficult thing to witness. I think all persons who experienced the Rwanda genocide via the media are still trying to process it. Since then I’ve had the chance to meet survivors, who have gone on with their lives, true heroes.

  4. shshs says:

    I admired your useful writing. brilliant stuff. I hope you release others. I will continue subscribing

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