extraordinary measures on ordinary days

most women are superheroes. that’s not an overestimation. in fact when it comes to their children, to their families, most women take extraordinary measures on ordinary days.

where the bridge called my back bends

in the tenets of sexism there lies one essential lie – women are less than. every time a woman no matter her color, creed, religion, or bank account balance pushes back she is declared even more loudly to be – less than.

fibroids, mirrors, and why I always say yes to dessert

  When the nurse called me the message she left had such an urgent tone it had me worried. I didn’t know what she had to tell me. I’d been working on getting all my proper screenings done for over a month so I wasn’t even sure what results she was referring to in her message….

PTSD, an improper diagnosis because post is past and this is our present

preamble: discovering breasts under my nightgown was one of the most traumatic experiences of my childhood. from that very moment i was trapped in a world with a constant bombardment of sexual attention so aggression i simply could not breathe. they no longer saw me. the me, i had been. the somersaulting-head-standing-singing-and-climbing-trees-daydreaming me was lost. overnight, i had become flesh…

i am more than my vagina

as an independent free thinking woman i’ve been thinking a lot about my choices this fall. the reality is that even after 100 years of women protesting marching and attempting to secure equal rights and protection under the law we still make 23 cents less than men. and when it comes to issues of health…

appreciation i

there is a space where breast meets rib softness rests there   never having seen sunlight it is unmarred innocent   rarely touched it yields warmth   the feminine softness physically manifests a place of intimate refuge – home   entire religions founded wars forged to possess to caress   a place where there is…