louisiana long green (a high yielding southern heirloom)

red and yellow, pink and green
purple and orange and blue at 3
they sing of rainbows mimicking each
verse like a small chorus of sparrows
seeking approval, fruit treats doled out
delicacies before an early afternoon nap

vermillion is a casualty, tossed aside
orange the pronounced star of this singular
masterpiece, brushed across too much butcher
paper it is named rainbow, weeks later
hung ceremoniously upon wall
5, he proclaims it good

border brightened panels promise
answers to an age old mystery…how
might we seize a rainbow, through
observation and analysis the business
of science leaves her skeptical demystifying
the magical seems sacrilegious at 11
truth must be told, rainbows can
be captured

a world traveler at 16 he can be reasoned with
i can see canada from here he tells me
together we dissect the riddles of his past
yes he went on a leprechaun hunt
no there was no gold but at its end
he discovered, rainbows are real and

it is a trick of light she tells me
all an illusion she has long since left
she divorces the ideal like a gambling
husband with a penchant for opening
closed doors, confirmed skeptic at 19 now
she questions the existence of real
rainbows be damned

there is magic here,this evolution of
psychic plan, they speak of rainbows in
code i see them not as they wish but as they
are and i count it all gold perhaps i, after all,
am the leprechaun


Today we walked a wooded path. My sidekick was responsible for making sure no terminators attacked us. Turns out he’s good at his job.

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