Declaration Emancipation

I spend a lot of time
Spinning my wheels
In an effort to stay ahead of
My own games of deceit
& manipulation

My ego grows ever big
Though it is my desire that
It whither up and die

It plays me against myself
Labyrinths expansive built
Sturdy though not sound
In the very fabric of my mind

The games I play against
Myself wages so high
This mortal body simply cannot
Pay bills from seasons long
Gone I wave goodbye to the

Bullshit I stand waist high
In wading through nonsense
I created in the illusion of keeping
Me safe from the heartache of

Another’s deceit he is not
The problem is my lack of
Honesty in the wee hours of
Morning and late afternoon
Plots to entrap myself in

The foolish schemes of yesterday
If I just walk away what will
I loose in releasing me and
He from this vicious cycle of

Whose in control

It’s time to stop the bullshit
& live the Truth of who I
Am and will be the Real
Me is bursting at the seams

Am I brave enough to
Free her? To ask the real
Questions about wholeness
Health Creativity Abundance

Do I really have the ovaries
To live the life intended for
Me to heal the spaces I

I am NOT a body
After all I Am as God created
Me in His image my Truth
My strength my abundance

I am brave enough woman enough
Christian enough healer enough to
Stop the bullshit and


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