recollection: a child’s story

i remember…
softly shared kisses on porch stoops the
fragrance of lilacs lingering in the air
late blooming cherry blossoms and
forbidden fruits gone fat from worms and too much neglect

i remember…
lemon sherbet sticking to my tongue
and the watermelon man’s bell
ringing ringing watermelon for sale watermelon for sale
straight from alabama nothing sweeter no one kinder
watermelon for sale

i remember…
upside down star gazing and
prayers sent up to orion the only
warrior i ever knew
wishing on stars and discovering sultry
romance novels at the library

i remember…
convincing my mother that jackie
collins was a cousin to emily bronte and
worthy of my time she scolded me and sent
me walking the mile hike back to return
hollywood wives a fare exchange for my
next best friend karen robards who can argue with history

i remember…
timidly tipping my toe in hydrant showers
not wanting to arouse attention i
rarely wore shorts keeping to my books and
listening to whodini on the radio

i remember…
break dancing and basketball beefs
boys bouncing through our streets looking for
trouble but finding me sitting watching
writing and reading wondering where will
i go next

i remember…
bike rides to no where ending
at dq vanilla dipped in caramel only
89 cents with no place to put the change
i pass it to the little girl behind me who
orders chocolate with sprinkles

i remember…
sweaty palms reaching for me
and slaps to keep the peace
dancing in the driveway and drinking
water from the garden hose

i remember…

i remember…

i remember…
us long before we knew about them

i remember…

fireworks for penny

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