where the bridge called my back bends

in the tenets of sexism there lies one essential lie – women are less than. every time a woman no matter her color, creed, religion, or bank account balance pushes back she is declared even more loudly to be – less than.

In This Here AFTER

Today I stood in the full body mirror attached to my closet. I stared at my belly and my hips for full minutes in disbelief before huffing out a joke at my own expense to no one, Girl. You need to get it together. You looking like one of them ‘Before‘ pictures on Instagram! I…

why fearfree living?

…20 years ago on a mountain ridge, i made the decision that i would not live my life full of fear.

a memory: untitled

are you sisters dancers, an innocent enough inquiry and had we the decency of dancers we may have left him his dignity in response indecency, however, is the occupation of poets so we in synchronized sonnet pounced dripping iambic pentameter across his abdomen like a procession of candle wax our minds weapons of mass destruction…

for my sistren, a poem

we were magnificence woman warriors armed with words piercing souls healing our own babes in tow men in awe imperfect with our flaws spewing necessary vulnerabilities a revolution in our bosom nectar sipping goddesses shat stereotypes spake stories over rip whiskey and dangling cigars sisters in arms poets, we are.  

on holding space for single mothers at the end of their rope

“ms. o, get your boy! cause i’m three minutes off his ass!” she came huffing and puffing into my office not because she had just walked up three flights of stairs but because she had just chased her 15 year old from out of the bathroom and into his classroom. “i’m gon kill him! i swear…

(silence) because ferguson is so loud

there are no words for this…this… this feeling i, a black woman, raising a son also black mid nightmare in this unreal this… this… this bullshit i am trayvon’s mother i am jordan’s mother i am michael’s mother i am eric’s mother i am and i have no words not for this this feeling that…