inside the mind of an inattentive

a child doesn’t understand
others can’t hear
the way ice cream sounds or
taste the flutter of a bird’s wing
stirring fall leaves

how odd to describe the sound of
her grandmother’s checkerboard cake
to cousins’ laughter later pointing
then proclaiming her insane

mama sat her down finally explaining
sounds do not taste and
taste cannot be seen  see these are
not the things we talk about
when others are around

so she shut down
it was the first
door to close
between her world
and theirs

she secreted away
the smell of roller coaster rides
the site of her favorite aunt’s perfume
tucked deep within she placed
the dance of colors and the appealing song of
a flower’s morning bloom

the masquerade unnatural
what to say to describe
the experiences of the day

a young woman, she settled
on the mundane
fine nice beautiful amazing
only the expected
a lie well kept

years passed

she learned to listen
only in her brain to
the sounds chocolate makes

then he was born
he drank her milk
tapping tiny fingers to
her rhythm

as he grew
the more they danced
feasting on
the passing clouds

then he was born

12 Comments Add yours

  1. heyannis says:

    Another winner. I love the repetition of the “mundane” and then how everything broke out because “he was born.” Beautiful work, Wanda. xoA

  2. zenofjenni says:

    I absolutely adored this – has a great deal of meaning for me. Thank you

  3. And a child can wake us up again. Shut down doesn’t have to be forever. Beautiful poem.

  4. I have some sounds I remember intensely from being a child. My ears must have changed since then. I’m happy my son brought his own sounds into this world.

    1. Thank you for reading. I’m so glad you found commonalities in my story.

  5. seekingmeme says:

    There is such whimsical joy in those first lines, but the line about mother sitting her down – “these are not the things we talk about when others are around” – a real punch to the gut! There is a complete emotional journey in this poem, though, as we move from there through the “mundane…expected…a lie well kept” to the moment she (you?) realize her child is like her. This is AMAZING WRITING!

  6. Thank you for joining me on the adventure.

  7. Anke says:

    Love this one.

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