balls drop

& bounce

& bounce

& bounce

kitchen dishes

broken dryers

layers & layers of clothes

shoe shopping

pants fittings &

the list goes &

goes &


walking singularly it

falls to you

vision keeper

dream weaver

no second but a

village of helpers so

you’ve no

right to scream

headed to the next

thing hopefully your

best thing, life on

a trajectory at a

head spinning velocity &

no, there are no

vomit bags, no

emergency lags, so

grab your big

girl panties & roll

this is not dress rehearsal

first night jitters disallowed

this is your life never

mind finding a sitter

best learn to pray

memorize warrior stance

keeping your balance is

your only chance of

not falling down as

life phases pass before

your eyes like the march

before death, no time for

permanent sleep;

chasing slippery soapy

toddlers down hallways

that become back pack

clad third graders hollering

over shoulders


you know grace is real

mercy your ultimate reality

thank you, a complete sentiment

uttered into carpets hardwoods

steering wheels tops of heads &

under beds

thank you rhythmically linked to




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