a day of undisturbed tranquility

it doesn’t take much

sunlight peaking through nearly

parted wooden blinds the

roar of a car’s engine passing

by simple promises of a

new day of play

here he is

chatter and possibility

what ifs begin immediately

my head is full but it is

no match for my heart that

spills over empathy for the

ones less fortunate whose

saturdays are filled with

quiet errands and long

walks in parks that don’t

result in dog chases and

screaming matches with moths

we wake laughing

jokes from dreams we really

don’t remember still toy

with our minds and we play

them out he is ironman and

i get to be

the help

so what if underwear becomes

a mask and a $32.47 remote

control robot car is disintegrated

mourned and then replaced by

a made up lego castle/handgun

this is our day

our pretend holiday for happiness

and whole-hearted outloud living

there are music lessons and

trips to market where no gets

repeated like a mantra and

goldfish are counted over and over

again and again

we race in wide aisles and

wonder through parking lots

asking questions about origins

though not waiting for answers

because there are always more

questions always more

questions and sometimes

i make up the answers and

its alright that they may not

be true because sometimes we

just really want the sky to be golden

with light streaks of pink and purple

and it doesn’t matter that we have

not a scientific clue about how it

happens as long as we can

watch it


3 Comments Add yours

  1. fivereflections says:


    1. Wanda Olugbala says:

      thank you for reading.

  2. So many delicious phrases – screaming matches with moths – and images – so what if undies become masks? This poem reminded me of the utter joy of spending time with a child on a Saturday, freed of the errands. Thank you for poem.

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