it is possible to genetically code terror

the impact of america’s peculiar institution of slavery did not end once the south surrendered in 1865. the legacy of slavery can be found even today. it has deep and strange roots. and we do not speak of it. 4 million americans were freed at the end of the civil war. 4 million. yet we do not speak about slavery. we do not think on it. not as a nation. if you ask her america treats it’s slave history like a cold it had once that’s now gone.

harriet tubman, a fearfree living trailblazer

if the only thing harriet tubman had ever done was walk to freedom and then later return to rescue her family members, she would have earned her place in history as a woman of courage.

this poem is for mariah (the first free woman of my line)

solemnly by a lakeside i once sat upon a hill, teaching myself to pray it was a not so long ago time when a feast of fear was normal fair i happily prayed for days of ever increasing joy believing my after would surpass my grandmother’s before and so it has amen. About this Poem: My…