untitled (day 21)

ive never been
boy crazy.

not the type
to chase them.

run home hot and
bothered. wondering

will he call or
wont he.

i bypassed
those days of

teased hair and
too much lip gloss.

direct conversation &

eye contact to
shared whispers and

telephone chit chats.
dont call me

id say.
meet me

at the playground
in the hallway.

look at me.
talk to me.

no, i dont want
to meet your mother.

no, i dont care
if your friends like me.

im not going
to the game.

im not going
to your concert.

i have my own
shit to do but

i got five minutes
i can lend you.

in this empty

ill hold your
hand and listen

to you talk about
how your mother is

losing it and your
father hasnt been home

since that one night
when you were seven.

you can look at me and
breath with me.

no, im not crazy.
i wont chase you.

i wont stand
around waiting.

i got shit to do

and you aint
a part of it.

but if you want them
there are these five

minutes where we can
just breath

in sync

five minutes and
you will be right

as rain



sometimes all you have to offer someone is five minutes. five minutes can mean a lot when you’re present and they actually get you. i’ve never been one for small talk and empty conversations. i just can’t stand pretense and don’t understand why so many people waste their time and energy pretending to be more or have more. there’s nothing wrong with what you have or where you are or who you are. when you give someone five minutes of you, you’re giving them the world. and they will remember those five minutes more than the 6 million empty ones that came before it.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. msjadeli says:

    indeed. could that be considered the definition of “keeping it real”? too little of that going on from too many these days.

    1. honesty is always the most important element to any relationship or connection. thank you for reading.

  2. You can look at me and breathe with me–another wonderful poem

    1. thank you for reading.

  3. heyannis says:

    Love this one, too, Wanda. When folks breathe together, everything does get right. I love the list of what you’ll listen to.Thank you. xoA

    1. thank you for reading. i appreciate it and your words of wisdom.

  4. Maz says:

    Five minutes of ourselves…
    Love it..


    1. Most of the time that’s all someone needs. Thank you for reading.

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